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Customized manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing small-, medium- and large-size made-to-order machines and equipment, from component manufacturing to single-purpose machines, plus machining of 3D tool parts in the plant at Rozgonyi Street.

Series manufacturing

Manufacturing of engine components in mass production [pre-machining of cylinder heads] in the Tibormajori Road site, Győr industrial park.


The strength of our company lies in the designing and manufacturing of clamping devices and tools assisting the manufacturing process, whether they are mechanically, pneumatically, hydraulically or PLC controlled.

Career and values

Our constant development and stream of innovations guarantee existing and potential future colleagues long-term and attractive opportunities.

History of the company

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The two divisions of this internationally-recognized company provide services to leading vehicle and machine industry players in the series manufacturing of custom-designed and manufactured equipment and engine components.

Prestigious prize ceremony

Ferenc Bogisich is a successful businessman who seeks and finds the right direction, moving ahead of the outbreak of the downturn in 2008, and time has proven him right.

Zsolt Borkai, Mayor

Managerial skills comprise those activities that encourage action, bring results and enhance performance. A true manager has the necessary self-confidence, the courage to reach hard decisions, and pays attention to the needs of others. It may be that he/she didn’t want to become a manager, but becomes that through the quality of the deeds and endeavours towards honest action. The ‘Manager of the Year’ prize recognizes and honours the unique excellence of managers operating at a high standard worldwide. Ferenc Bogisich and his team are worthy of this title.

John W. A. Netting, General Director of Europe Business Assembly – Oxford

I’ve been to many swimming pools all over the world and I can honestly state that the Győr pool is one of the best.

Dániel Gyurta, Olympic champion swimmer

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