What is it like being a member of the QP team?

Edina, Works Manager:

„QP is a significant, serious-minded business that would like to become an enterprise. It is a serious challenge considering the difficulties encountered each day. But we have to start with resolving the day-to-day duties, this is what we have to deal with. As far as I am concerned, a successful manager is somebody who is able to lay a firm foundation out of those bricks that others threw at them! I personally like this challenge and I am proud of my successful team!”

Ági, accounts administrator:

„I’ve been working at QP, in finance, for 15 years. During this time I was able to follow the development of the company from a small enterprise with a few machines right up to an international presence. I like to work here because the company’s growth represents continuous innovation – aside from the difficulties – for the employees. I can be part of a team that believes in success and in that whatever challenges one faces during worktime, if we are working in a team we will come up with a solution. As far as I am concerned, this is a long-term relationship.”

Robi, CNC machine operator:

„Many people have asked whether I am disturbed by the noise, the smell of oil and the swarf. I usually tell them that we call all this the ‘workshop odour’… and it is a good thing that it exists! In order for somebody to produce values with self-confidence, he or she has to have this for a long time. It is true that frequently the pressure on us is considerable. But we learn, we move forward, our clients have given us positive feedback and our managers appreciate this as well.”

Laci, CNC programmer, milling machine operator:

„We have interesting jobs and one needs a wide-ranging set of skills. Both in the works and in planning. There are new machines installed each year, every new client has a different style, blueprints and expectations. But I like this! Naturally, there are some really busy days, but where isn’t this the case? However, at QP I not only have to meet processes and deadlines but I also get a little bit of flexibility in scheduling my own time. I have time for my private life and my hobby. This is very important for me.”


  • Support for vocational training and extension training
  • Acquiring National Qualifications Register (OKJ) examination in hoist (fork-lift truck and crane) operator skills
  • Support for language courses
  • Quality assurance training, in-house auditor training
  • (ISO 16949, ISO 14001, VDA)
  • Managerial and communications training

Our Mission’s Milestones

Being a leading force

in the intensified competition and in seeking innovative solutions

Achieving a breakthrough

in technological development and in fulfilling ever more demanding quality criteria

Serving as an example

for other Hungarian companies who believe in success but have not quite reached it. Serving as an example for the upcoming generation who would like to get into the market of machine manufacturing, engineering, metalworking as a trained, valuable expert, and this can genuinely be achieved as a Hungarian-owned, local company!

Maintaining stability

in European and global competition, in the constantly shifting economic environment, and in the realization of increasingly refined technologies

Our values

Corporate social responsibility

  • We are name-giving sponsors of the AquaSport swimming pool.
  • QP. Rt. Foundation for the Common Good:
    • ‘Past for the Future’ award in the Jedlik Ányos Engineering Vocational Secondary School
    • Silvery Melodies – Charity Concert Series
  • We sponsor the arts:
    • Győr Philharmonic Orchestra
    • Győr National Theatre
    • Győr Ballet